About us

My father was a management accountant who left bean-counting to start his own business selling menswear in an industrial Midlands town. Outside his shop there was a street market a few days a week and he saw a man selling cards from a market stall. Such a thing was very new and he sensed an opportunity. The gent on the stall was happy to tell my dad where he could buy the cards to sell for himself on other markets.

Several years later Dad had one outdoor and three indoor market stalls on the go and also a kiosk shop unit in the Pride Hill Shopping Centre in Shrewsbury. I worked for him full time at this point but wondered if we could sell some better quality cards as well. The shop next to my dad's became available and the landlord agreed that I could have a go on a short let/easy out agreement. 

So we began this new phase of the business 10 years ago in a 200sq ft shop, grew to a 1,200 sq ft shop, extended the range further with stock from the kiosk when my dad retired - and finally moved into our present shop which is 1,500 sq ft. Dad still comes in from time to time to see if we are still doing it right!

Located in the modern Pride Hill Shopping Centre in the historic river town of Shrewsbury, we are now on the Middle Level along with Next, Peakocks, New Look, Supercuts and Shoe Zone.. 

Our greeting card range includes many hard to find titles such as Great-Grandson's 2nd Birthday, Loss of your Mum, Eid, Diwalli, Welsh Language, To My Wife on our Ruby Anniversary, Husband 60th Birthday and so on and so on. 

We stock many gift lines as well.  

The name Green Ginger comes from a street in the old part of the city of Hull in North Yorkshire. The street is called The Land of Green Ginger and the name is often used for the small area around it as well. Imagine if your postal address was The Land of Green Ginger! Anyway, I spent three happy years at Hull University way back in the mid-1980's and use the name Green Ginger as a recognition and memory of those never-to-be-forgotten times.